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Amest Sp. z o.o. represents an integrated approach to waste management that includes materials recovery, bio-stabilization of biodegradable waste in aerobic and anaerobic conditions, production of alternative fuels from combustible fraction, traditional and thermal waste disposal. We use successfully the technologies that are new, but proven and safe for the environment. The shareholders of Amest Group, companies located mainly in Italy, manage modern waste processing facilities, such as waste sorting plants, composting and biogas plants, waste incineration plants, gasificators and landfills. Their long-term experience and wide spectrum of activities ensures that solutions being introduced into the Polish market are proven and innovative at the same time.

We take advantage of this know-how support in construction of our integrated waste management plants in Otwock, Kamieńsk and Kętrzyn, all of which comply with the definition of regional installation, as determined in the National Waste Management Plan, the amended Act on Keeping Order and Cleanliness in Communes and in the Waste Act. Waste treatment technologies chosen for these plants include mechanical and biological processing of mixed household wastes, in particular separation of fractions which can be either wholly or partially recovered in form of material and/or energy, and biological stabilization of organic fraction to the extent required by the law. Consequently, our mechanical and biological treatment plants meet the best available technique criteria. 

Thanks to our wide expertise and lasting experience we know how to manage the waste stream in a way that is consistent with operative norms and standards. We are always aware that providing municipal services we are co-responsible for the standard of life of local community. That is why we use only proven methods that minimise negative impact of wastes on natural environment.